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FAHI Codes of Ethics

The Florida Association of Home Inspectors Code of Ethics is the essence of home inspection professionalism. The Code though seemingly strict ensures integrity for a profession so important for all home owners. The safety, health and well being of all of society living in homes throughout the State of Florida rely on the professional ethics of educated, honest and diligent home inspectors. Good faith, fairness and awareness void of conflicts of interest are the cornerstone for the Code of Ethics demanded by FAHI. Integrity, honesty, and objectivity are fundamental principles embodied by this Code, which sets forth obligations of ethical conduct for the home inspection profession. The Florida Association of Home Inspectors has adopted this Code to provide high ethical standards to safeguard the public and the profession.

Compliance with the FAHI Code of Ethics is the only venue allowed by FAHI. Any member not complying with the standards set forth will not be eligible for FAHI membership and will not be endorsed or recommended by FAHI. All FAHI inspectors shall comply with this Code to maintain membership rights and privileges. FAHI awareness of any other actions on the part of a member shall void membership. This also includes affiliation with others whose work practices violate the FAHI Code. For the home inspection profession to be respected and to thrive in the State of Florida the FAHI Code of Ethics is the standard bearer for home inspection.

When becoming a member of the Florida Association of Home Inspectors, all members agree to adhere to and obey the Florida Association of Home Inspectors Code of Ethics. CODE OF ETHICS

1. Members shall consistently demonstrate the highest level of integrity when performing inspections.

2. Members shall conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times.

3. Members shall not engage or give the appearance of engaging in any activity that may be construed or perceived as being a conflict of interest.

4. Members shall not engage in any deceptive or misleading practice that may discredit themselves or the organization.

5. Members shall continue to enhance their knowledge and skill level with regard to the inspection industry through continuous education.

6. Members shall not inspect properties for compensation in which they have, or expect to have a financial interest or personal gain other than fees associated with the preformed inspection.

7. Members shall not have financial interest in closing, settlement or ownership in real estate transactions for property being inspected.

8. Members shall not engage in deceptive advertising, promotion and/or marketing of a member’s services.

9. Members shall not recommend the services of any particular contractor, repair person or method of repair.

10. Members shall not engage in any repair or replacement of any component or part of the property being repaired.