Welcome to FAHI.

Florida Assocation of Home Inspectors.

Are you a Home Buyer, Realtor, Builder or a Professional Home Inspector? You will find FAHI members are the most experienced, highest qualified and best trained professionals in the Florida Home Inspection market today and tomorrow.




FAHI is a voluntary, not-for-profit professional association dedicated to promoting and developing the home inspection industry within the State of Florida. Specifically, FAHI's objectives are:

1. Provide a platform for home inspectors to share views, insight and obtain answers for the mutual benefit of all Florida home inspectors.

2. Publish, promote and maintain high standards of conduct in the home inspection industry achieving a level of professionalism second to none in existence.

3. To join with the State of Florida, building professionals and realtors to regulate, enforce and maintain a level of professionalism and public trust vital to the health, wellbeing, safety and piece of mind of all Floridians.

4. FAHI is dedicated to continued education and licensure for a constantly changing field demanding such a varied array of knowledge. FAHI strives to maintain connection with existing knowledge and future development.

5. Establish a continually evolving proctored examination process to ensure credibility and knowledge in the home inspection industry. The examination process shall consist of a closed book 100 question exam with a minimum score of 75 as passing. The examination shall be designed to incorporate new designs, equipment and techniques as they are developed.