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State Approved Course

Pre-Licensing Total Package: $1899.00

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  - Florida Approved 120 Hour Pre-Licensing Course
  - 4 Day Live Class (40 Hours hands-on, In-field training)
  - INTERNachi 80 Hour Online Class (Learn at your own pace in your own home)

It also includes:

  - Student Membership to InterNACHI ($365 value)
  - Textbooks: HVAC, Roof, Electrical, Plumbing ($120 value)
  - Home maintenance books: www.nachi.org/now $10 value)
  - Mastering Roof Inspection Series ($99 value)
  - Membership to IAC2.org ($100 value)
  - IAC2 Mold Inspection Training Video $99 value)
  - Chinese Drywall Inspection Training Video $99 value)
  - Guide to Writing Report Narratives $20 value)
  - How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections $99 value)
  - Guide to Forms of Inspection Business Ownership $20 value)
  - Guide to How to Sell to a Real Estate Professional $20 value)
  - Florida Adjusters Training Course $99 value)
  - 4 Steps to Inspection Marketing Success ($20 value)

AAA Construction School Classroom and Hands-on details:

Written Reports and Analyses (10 hours)

The first part of the classroom training is dedicated to teaching methods for developing and delivering clear, factual written reports in an easy to interpret professional manner. The student will learn even though a home inspection service is a limited visual examination a formal written report with accompanying photographs best serves the interest of the client. Students will learn inspections are inclusive although not limited to the following readily accessible installed systems and components of a home such as the structure, electrical system, HVAC system, roof covering, plumbing system, interior components, exterior components, and the site conditions affecting the structure. Students will also learn to report items not inspected and provide justification for not inspecting those items. Students will learn about tools necessary to produce a professional report based on credible evidence. The student will learn the purpose of providing a written professional opinion of the condition of the home is to provide the client with the best possible information for accomplishing the client's need.

Professional Practices (10 hours)

This part of the classroom training is dedicated to developing the professional and business background for the student to function as a business entity thereby better serving the public. The student will learn the purpose of contracts, their usefulness and mainstay as an essential part of the home inspection business. The student will identify the necessity of insurance for compliance with State requirements and also for the protection of the client and the inspector. To remain viable in the home inspection profession the student will become familiar with the laws and rules governing the home inspection profession.

Field-based practical demonstration of the inspection process under the direct supervision of a licensed Florida Home Inspector (20 hours)

The first part of this course is dedicated to field-based practical demonstrations of the inspection process while under the direct supervision of a licensed Florida Home Inspector. The first of the field inspections focuses on the overview of the eight mandatory parts of an inspection with the main emphasis on the external parts of the home. The student will learn identification of the components, their purpose and possible abnormalities. The overview will help the student develop a standard procedure for initiating an inspection. As the student progresses through the first inspection lead by the instructor, the student will learn how to take appropriate notes, pictures and tests. The student will deliver a hand written report of findings for this initial phase. The second field inspection requires the student to inspect the exterior portions with limited direction by the Florida Home Inspector. Once the exterior has been inspected to meet requirements of the Florida Home Inspector, emphasis will be placed on inspection of the interior parts of the house by the instructor. As the student progresses through the second inspection lead by the instructor, the student will learn how to take appropriate notes, pictures and tests. The student will deliver a typed report of findings for this second phase of the field exercise. The third hands-on field exercise requires the student to perform a complete field inspection of all mandatory components including all photographs and tests while under the supervision of a Florida Licensed Home Inspector. The student must then deliver a formal written report including photographs, tests taken and results of the complete home inspection as would be required for delivery to a client.